Film Trailer Review: Transformers: The Last Knight Superbowl Teaser

It wouldn’t be Superbowl weekend without a Transformers trailer trailer, would it? Check out the trailer and read Daniel’s thoughts below:

The Transformers film franchise is now as old as its target audience (that’s TEN years in case you were wondering) and you have to hand it to Michael Bay for sheer gumption and stubbornness of mind. Over the course of his career, Bay has outlined himself as THE proprietor of frenetic, fast-paced story-telling and ostentatious special FX. With the fifth installment, Transformers: The Last Knight, Bay has yet another opportunity to employ his signature formula of action over substance.

As with its predecessors, the trailer for Last Knight begins with haunting music and poignant monologue, this time from veteran actor Antony Hopkins, before descending into the fiery chaos we’re familiar with. Now, everyone likes a good explosion; they’re loud, bright orange and highly destructive (the Trump brand of directing, if you will) but the films, with the exception of the Transformers’ passable first incarnation, have largely failed Bay in terms of critical response.

Fortunately, a movie about transforming robots waging war and causing mass destruction across the planet isn’t exactly fertile ground for deep, philosophical drama. In that respect, Bay is the perfect man to oversee its creation, and from the looks of the recently released trailer, he will not disappoint.

Marh Wahlberg returns, as the absurdly named Cade Yeager, intent on helping his hulking, clunking friends through their most recent strife as outlaws. Optimus Prime has been labelled an enemy and scenes depicting Prime’s beautiful baby blues turning a Megatronic shade of purple, is just unambiguous enough to suggest the commander of the Autobots has indeed, gone rogue. This surprising development is typified by the closing scenes of the trailer, showing an intense brawl between Prime and loyal comrade/fan-favourite, Bumblebee.

The Last Knight will be probably Michael Bay’s swan song as director, leaving the future of Bay’s bae in the hands of another, posing the question, how will Bay bow out of the franchise? Well, with a bang… presumably.ttln-sbt-1Written by Daniel Pearce

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