EP Review: Holy Matrimony – ‘Dearly Beloved (Part 1)’

Later this month New-Wave revivalists Holy Matrimony release their new EP ‘Dearly Beloved (Part 1)‘ but we got a chance to get an early sneak peek. Check out James’ thoughts on the EP below:EPR-HM-2You know, I always carried the pretense that music in the 80’s was shit. I have always been under the impression that it was just a decade of sexually confused kids, finding themselves in alcohol and MDMA-fuelled boiling hot club nights, pretending they didn’t know what gender of human being they kissed last night before the nineties exploded and fucked shit up. I was seriously brought up on it being a bit of a joke. It turns out that some people really fucking love it because 2017 is the year that the 80’s finally lives up to its sordid reputation. Holy Matrimony are one such band and they are quite frankly fantastic.

After reviewing a string of bands that hark back to my parents youth (GLASS PEAKS, Vuromantics and Bronte to name some examples), it is clear to me that spiky guitars in indie music are out. In this fantastic EP (featuring a slightly hilarious title- I hope their next single’s called “Speak Now (Or Forever Hold Your Peace)”), in comes sweeping synths, inappropriately huge choruses and deep, engaging vocals projecting an image of the love child of Dave Gahan and Morrissey. If this was released in the 80’s, there would be no stopping these boys. This EP opens with the phenomenally dark, and genuinely exciting, ‘If You Cannot Love Yourself‘ which proves that Holy Matrimony can actually play their instruments – a rarity in a music climate scant with talent and inspiration – and make a valid lyrical, psychological point that we youngsters should abide by.

The rest of the EP treads familiar territory and, whilst doesn’t quite reach the heights of its opener, it still stands up as an intriguing and life-affirming listen. Roger Damen’s fantastic vocal performance in the title track’s chorus transforms the song from a leap to a soar. Despite it’s more chilled vibe, ‘Finer Things‘ is still a fine anthemic synth-rock track that could move to tears, when sung loud enough, with enough people, in a large enough room. To write an EP with four complete bangers is hard, but Holy Matrimony succeed with the Talk Talk-esque ‘Dulcimer‘ proving that the 80’s is the new teenies, and if Glass Peaks are Depeche Mode, these boys are your Tears for Fears– just much, much cooler. Here’s to part two…


Pre-order the EP now via Holy Matrimony’s BandCamp and keep up with all the band’s activities on Facebook and Twitter @holymatrimonyuk.EPR-HM-3Written by James Kitchen
Photography by Outlast Photography

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